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3.2 Natural Gas-fired Reciprocating Engines

Most natural gas-fired reciprocating engines are used in the natural gas industry at pipeline compressor and storage stations and at gas processing plants. These engines are used to provide mechanical shaft power for compressors and pumps. At pipeline compressor stations, engines are used to help move natural gas from station to station. Block Valve - an overview ScienceDirect TopicsPipeline block valves shall be located and spaced along the mainline as necessary for safe operation and pipeline maintenance purposes. These block valves or isolation valves are needed in case of a natural disaster, such as a landslide or an earthquake, which could break the pipeline, or for third party damage to the pipeline caused by road graders or backhoes accidentally hitting the pipeline and

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distance transmission pipelines, line break valves are installed at prescribed intervals. These valves are located at places which have easy access facilitating required routine and emergency maintenance. Valve stations are usually above ground and have manual and remote operation facilities. IBP1068 09 SEVERE SERVICE BALL VALVES FOR HIGH Depending upon the length of the pipeline, valve stations are placed at regular intervals and are used to isolate these sections of the system. Valve stations are also used to isolate the choke stations described previously, as well as National Natural Gas Transmission System - desfa.grLine Valve Stations for isolating a segment of the National Natural Gas Transmission System in emergencies and scheduled maintenance; Scraper Stations for launching and receiving cleaning devices (scrapers) or interior inspection devices for the pipeline; Cathodic protection system of the pipeline

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These stations allow pipeline and local distribution companies to monitor, manage, and account for the natural gas in their pipes. Essentially, these metering stations measure the flow of gas along the pipeline, allowing pipeline companies to track natural gas as it flows along the pipeline. Review of Natural Gas Transmission Compressor Station Jun 29, 2017 · Review of Natural Gas Transmission Compressor Station Methane Emissions and Mitigation Options Maryland Department of the Environment Natural Gas Compressor Stations Stakeholder Meeting. Compressor Station Operators Presentation . Presented by:Jim McCarthy, Innovative Environmental Solutions, Inc. Baltimore, MD . June 29, 2017 Sectionalizing valve location on an onshore buried gas Sectionalizing valve location on an onshore buried gas pipeline. In onshore buried natural gas pipelines, sectionalizing valves are used to divide the pipeline into smaller segments that can be isolated in an emergency case or when needed to allow for operation, inspection and maintenance activities. When appropriately located on the pipeline and properly maintained and operated, sectionalizing valves can reduce the volume of product released in the event of a buried gas pipeline

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Low pressure pipeline means a distribution pipeline which is designed or is intended to be operated at a pressure 700 kPa or less. Main means that part of a distribution system from the outlet of a regulator station VALVE MAINTENANCE FOR NATURAL GAS OPERATORS 1VALVE MAINTENANCE FOR NATURAL GAS OPERATORS 2 System Valve Services, Inc. 4 1st.Century, BC Valve (valv), n a mechanical device that is used to control a liquid or a gas in a piping system. Most gas valves operate in a clockwise closed manner.The basics of a compressor stationmechanically operated valves that are capable of isolating pipeline segments, and diverting all of the gas away from the station. These valves are directly controlled by the stations micro-processor-based control system. 2. Station Natural Gas Scrubber As gas enters the compressor station from the pipeline, it passes through a natural

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