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thermal oil boiler heating insulation bitumen storage tank

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The heating chamber and storage tank are insulated with 100mm rockwool and wrapped with pre-coated steel sheet, ensuring better insulation performance, and keeping heat loss to a minimum. Bitumen tank - Heat transfer rate - Heat Transfer Jun 08, 2005 · The desired bitumen temperature is 320F which is also the approximated temperature of the thermail oil flowing in the coils (2'' pipes) inside the tank. Thermal oil specs:Kinematic Viscosity = 10,78 cst (or mm^2/s) Density:822,1 kg/m^3. mass flow rate= 100 GPM pump --> 5.18 kg/s. Specific heat (Cp) = 2,15 kJ/kg/K.

China Directly Burner Heating Bitumen Tank (Storage

The Bitumen Tank Should Be Equipped With Thermal Oil Furnace.The Heat Source Is Coming From The Hot Oil During The Heating In The Thermal Oil Furnace. Many Bitumen Tanks Can Be Used Together Which Can Storage High Volume Bitumen. High Quality Boiler Storage Tank - Tanks Arizona BoilerThese tanks typically come with 3to 6 of high temperature insulation tank wrap and are also available with optional mixers to keep the product in proper suspension. The boiler storage tanks come complete with operating controls that can be set by an operator to maintain the product stored in the tank at a preset temperature. STORAGE TANKS - HIGHWAY 3rd REGION - KONYA 4x1000 Ton Bitumen Tank, 4x500, 2 x 20 Ton Fuel Tank, 4 x 100 m² heat exchanger, 1 x 1.250.000 million kcal / h hot oil boiler, piping and insulation work HIGHWAY 2nd REGION - 2x500, 8x250 Ton Tank Hard Asphalt, 3x20 Ton Fuel Tank, 2x1.000.000 Kcal / h Hot Oil Boiler, Pump Station and 6x 60 Tons Electronic Scale jobs - IZMIR REGION

Sizing of Expansion Tank for Hot Oil System

Nov 04, 2012 · Calculation of Hot oil Expansion Tank. Piping volume = phi (D p /2) 2 L p where D p = pipe ID and L p = piping length according to plot plan. For example, as per P&ID and plot plan, total piping hold up volume and equipment hold up volume = 8.4 m 3. Consider the physical properties for commercial grade heat transfer fluid (HTF).China Thermal Oil Boiler Heating Bitumen Tank Short Lead Time for Bitumen Storage Tank Insulation - Containerized bitumen tank Jianeng. The container type bitumen tank produced by our company is suitable for bitumen storage and transportation:with a maximum volume of 55 cubic meters, and can be designed and installed with agitators. The container type bitumen tank is very convenient for moving and transporting asphalt.

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