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dot tc standard co2 bottle co2 tank with cga320 valve

10 lb CO2 Cylinder with Handle - Aluminum - New

This aluminum 10 lb CO2 cylinder with handle is the compact workhorse for beverages. New CO2 tank with easy-carry handle, strong and still light. A great CO2 tank for all types of beverage dispensing, plus a superior tank for industrial and welding use, scientific gas delivery, hydroponics, and aquarium use. 10 lb. CO2 Cylinder New Aluminum with Handle - CGA320 CO2 10 lb Aluminum Air Cylinder Tank with CGA320 Valve Draft Beer, Soda, Wine. $118.03. $168.62. Free shipping. CO2 Tank Aluminum Cylinder New Empty with CGA320 Valve Carry Handle (Siphon Tube) $133.06. Free shipping. Popular. CO2 Aluminum Cylinder Tank New - CGA320 Valve, Homebrew Draft Soda, Beer, Wine.

20 lb. Reconditioned Steel CO2 Tank - CGA320 Valve - Fresh

CGA320 Valve Installed. DOT/TC approved, freshly painted with gray, rust-resistant paint, and fitted with a standard CGA320 valve. This tough cylinder is the perfect workhorse! Valve CGA320 CO2. This reconditioned 20 lb steel cylinder is one of our most popular sized carbon dioxide tank. Aluminum 10 lb CO2 Cylinder Shop Best Prices for C02 Corrosion-resistant perfect for we gasses like CO2; Brushed finish for easy care; Lightweight and easy to carry; Quality Features. New CGA320 valve; Delivers well at low temps; Specifications, Testing & Approvals. 6.9 diameter x 20.5 height (with valve) 1800 PSI service/3000 PSI test pressure; Hydro test completed within 180 days of manufacture; Recertification required every 5 years; DOT- and TC-approved; TARE weight equal tank to tank Gas Cylinder Information and Frequently Asked Questions All of our CO2 tanks have a standard CGA320 valve on them and are compatible with the standard CO2 regulator fitting. Our nitrogen/Beer Mix cylinders have a CGA580 valve, an inert gas valve used for nitrogen, mixed nitrogen & CO2, and other inert gases (helium, nitrogen, argon).

New 2.5 lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder Gas Cylinder Source

New 2.5 lb. aluminum CO2 cylinder with CGA320 valve. A sturdy and compact CO2 cylinder for beverage, aquarium, and many other applications. UN/ISO vs. DOT/TC High Pressure Cylinders Gas Filling 3. Both DOT and UN/ISO cylinders have the same dimensions, internal water volume, steel chemistry, and valve compatibility. 4. ISO cylinders are tested to, and have a higher working pressure and gas volume capability than DOT/TC cylinders. 5. DOT-stamped cylinders are acceptable for transport to, from, and within the United States. UN/ISO-stamped Wholesale 10 lb CO2 Cylinder Aluminum All Safe GlobalHigh-quality CGA320 CO2 valves are installed onto a thick-walled body built to strict tolerances. All the advantages of aluminum are here:up to 40% lighter than steel CO2 cylinders, corrosion-resistant, and with a brushed exterior for low maintenance and continuing good appearance. Siphon tube installation is available on select cylinders.

New 20 lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder with Handle Gas

20 lb. aluminum CO2 cylinder with new CGA320 valve and handle. The most popular CO2 tank size for a wide variety of uses, combining easy travel and low weight with good capacity.

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