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digital ultrasonic flow meter clamp on ultrasonic flow meter

China Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Clamp On Ultrasonic

  • Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter TDS-100h0.2 0.5 1.0 Accuracy Class Clamp on Current Transformer 1-200A0.5-1000A Outdoor Handheld Clamp on Flow Meter Current Transformer5A-630A Handheld Clamp on Flow Meter Current TransformerClamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter Wall-mounted Sino-InstSep 14, 2020 · Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a wall-mounted ultrasonic flow meter using TGA time difference technology. TGA is an algorithm for measuring process time with higher speed and accuracy. Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Model:3000S) is composed of a host and an external clamp sensor. Choose Ultrasonic flow detectors for Clamp-on Non-Contact Jun 28, 2021 · Ultrasonic flow detectors can be equipped with different ultrasonic flow detectors to meet different measurement needs. For example, a portable ultrasonic flowmeter can be equipped with a clamp Ultrasonic flow detector. commonly used in water, oil, and other single liquid flow

    DigitalFlow CTF878 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

    GE's Panametrics DigitalFlow CTF878 brings clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow metering above atmospheric pressure applications at velocities up to 150 ft/s (46m/s). It uses the correlation tag ultrasonic flow measurement technique to measure accurately and reliably the flow of natural gas, compressed air, inert gas or any other gases. EWANYO TUF-2000B TL-5 Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flow EWANYO TUF-2000B TL-5 Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flow Meter Flowmeter for Pipe Size DN700-6000mm Waterproof Ultrasonic Flow Meter Kit with Large Clamp-on Transducer TL-5::Industrial & Scientific Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flow Meter KitOmega EngineeringMar 31, 2021 · The FDT-25 handheld ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to work with clamp-on transducers to enable the flow of a liquid within a closed pipe to be measured accurately without needing to insert any mechanical parts through the pipe wall or protrude into the flow system.

    VersaFlow Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

    What is it. A market leading process measurement device, the VersaFlow Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meters are designed for applications where a customer is unwilling or unable to cut into the process measurement line to install an in-line meter. Available in configurations for pipe line sizes from DN15 to DN4000 (1/2 to 160), the clamp-on design offers a cost-effective means of measuring liquid flow clamp on ultrasonic diesel flow meter, clamp on ultrasonic easy operate clamp on sensor portable handheld ultrasonic flow meter Main Application Liquid without Impurity(Water,Oil etc) Measuring Principle Ultrasonic Wave Transit Time Interval Nominal Diameter Range DN15 to DN3000 Materials Clamp on Sensor:Industrial ABS Portable Transmitter:Industrial ABS with protective cover Portable Case:Aluminum Alloy Measured Variables Volume Flow Average Volume Flow Flow Velocity Totalized Volume Flow Ultrasonic Clamp on flow meter - BroiltechUltrasonic Digital Clamp-on flow meter Advantages:· OIML / MID 001 / 2014/32/EC certified · digital signal processing, high noise immunity; · DN range from 10 mm up to 5000 mm; · stable operation in spite of weak signal on aged piping; · reliable metering on fluid parameters alteration;

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