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Fluoropolymer solutions for ultra-high purity applications

Both in-house and independent laboratory testing verified over the years that the PFA SC-7005TM coating system is unparalleled in its ability to maintain ppt concentrations of metal cations over the life time of the coating and is now the material of choice for reactors and tanks used in the production and storage of Ultra-High Purity chemicals. High-Purity Bulk Chemical Systems - TeflonBoth Teflon PFA HP/HP Plus and Teflon polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resins can line or form tanks and containers that store and dispense ultrapure and aggressive process fluids. From lab-scale bottles to large tanks, Teflon fluoropolymers enable the safe storage and transport of

High-Purity Fittings - Harrington Industrial Plastics

Every Fit-LINE fitting is manufactured from virgin high purity PFA orPVDF resin providing chemical resistance and ultra-high purity andare SEMI F57-0301 compliant. Fit-LINE fittings are compatible andinterchangeable with all other fine-threaded flare fitting systems.These fittings can be used with PFA, FEP and PTFE tubing. IINNOVATIVE PLASTIC SOLUTIONS FOR THE INDUSTRY Lining of steel ISO containers with thermoplastics and fluoroplastics (high purity) Logistics 5 Tank containers or demountable tanks are used for safe road, rail or water transport of aggressive or ultra-pure media. Quality requirements with regard to the component are very high as hazardous materials are transported via public traffic routes. Iso Tank sourcing, purchasing, procurement agent & service ISO Tank Container Lined PFA for High Purity Chemcials Storage. FOB Price:USD 1.00 - 100.00 /Square Meter. Min. Order:1 Square Meter. Product Brief:Ultraclean high purity ISO tank container for chemicals, electronic chemicals, semiconductor chemicals storage Processing:Storage Tank;Certification:ISO9001

Lining Solutions - Duflon

PTFE Lined Top Cover (Ø 1300mm) 3mm Lining. PFA Lined Stripping Coloumn (ID 650mm x 6 meters length) 2.3mm Lining. Mod. PTFE Coloumn Segment (ID 800mm x 2.5 meters length) 4mm Lining. PTFE Lined Coloumn (ID 600mm) 3mm Lining. PFA Lined Acid Dilution Tank (ID 1200mm x 1.5 meters length) 2.3mm Lining. PFA-lined vessels for demanding applications - AGRUSEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS Sheets, bars and welding rods made of PP, PE, PPs, PPs-el, HDPE, HDPE-el, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and PFA for the lining of tanks and for use in apparatus engineering. LINING SYSTEMS Geomembranes made of HDPE, VLDPE, LLDPE and FPP as well as drainage systems made of PE and PP for landfills, tunnels, ponds, hydraulic engineering. Plastic Storage Tanks and Ventilation Tankplasta DenmarkUltra-High Purity Storage Tanks; Water and Wastewater Storage Tanks; Plastic Ventilation Systems We offer solutions made from variety of plastic materials such as:PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP PFA, and more! Covering the Scandinavia. We are based in Denmark, but we can ship to any Scandinavian country. They are very knowledgeable and

Storage Tank in Machinery - Chinese industrial goods

High Purity PFA Lined Stainless Steel Tank for Electronic Chemicals Semiconductior Chemicals Storage Container. ISO Tank Container Lined PFA for High Purity Chemcials Storage. Fluoroplastic PTFE Lined Tank for High Purity Chemical Acid Storage. 10BBL Two Vessels Brewhouse for Microbrewery in Stock. Teflon PFA:Chemical Resistant Fluoropolymer Linings Transportation Industry to move both the pure chemicals for manufacture and the hazardous waste after processing, PFA is used to line ISO containers, storage tanks, and transport vessels. Glencore, a specialty metals processor, used to shut down its production line every 2-3 months to repair its equipment . . . until they found a PFA lining solution offered by Electro Chemical.PFA Dual Laminate Ultra High Purity Acid Tanks - AGRUAGRU PFA GGS sheets were selected as the liner material of an ultra high-purity tank due to its near universal chemical resistance and low leachable content. Location:North Eastern Unites States of America. Project:Construction of six 3 m Ø Dual Laminate tanks.

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