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bi directional measurement energy btu magnetic flow meter

Armstrong Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter and BTU Meter

Armstrong Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter and BTU Meter. The Armstrong Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter (AUP) hand held unit is the most compact yet powerful flow/BTU meter on the market. The utilization of our proprietary technologies, such as ultrasonic signal processing, signal quality tracking, and self-adaptation as well as high density electronic design, allows the device to measure liquid flow, temperature and thermal energy China Btu Meter, Btu Meter Manufacturers, Suppliers, Price Ultrasonic Clamp on BTU Flow Meter Portable Digital Display Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter. FOB Price:US $ 250-265 / Piece. Min. Order:1 Piece. Accuracy:±0.2-0.5%. Main Application:Water, Wastewater. Size:DN32-1000mm. Sensor:Clamp-on/External. Application:Wasterwater. Type:Ultrasonic Flow Meter.

DIY Bi-directional AC Energy Meter for Solar PV System A

Jun 10, 2020 · Todays project will be building a Bi-directional AC Energy Meter which could measure electrical parameters such as RMS Voltage (Vac), RMS Current (Iac), Apparent Power (VA), Real Power (W), Power Factor (pF), Frequency (Hz), Net Energy, Import & Export Energy. This two directional energy meter is very useful for electric circuit that has EFS802 BTU Measurement System Flotech ControlsThe iSOLV EFS802 BTU Measurement System is supplied complete with electromagnetic flow meter and temperature probes. The system real-time detects the temperature of supply and return pipe. It also monitors the instantaneous flow rate according to Heat Exchange of Thermodynamics principle. The iSOLV BTU meter automatically integrates energy consumption and transfers it to the computer. Electromagnetic Flowmeters, Water, Waste Water, California The low maintenance design is provided ready-to-use without the need for field programming. The FB-3500 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is available for bi-directional flow applications. It provides an analog output for flow rate, a contact closure output to indicate flow direction and separate pulse outputs to totalize forward and reverse flow.

Energy and Flow Measurement for Hydronic Systems

Clamp On Ultrasonic Meter High accuracy & turndown. Can measure bi-directional flow. Fairly high cost for small pipes, better value on larger pipes. Non-invasive design can be installed with no shutdown & no tapping the line. Type of transducers and sensing method best suited for application can Flow Measurement - Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Digital Flow Flow Velocity:± 10 m/s (± 32 ft/s). Bi-directional:Accuracy:±1% of reading ±0.008m/s (±0.03ft/s) in velocity* Repeatability:0.2%:Response Time:0.5s. Configurable between 0.5s and 99s:Display/Keypad:LCD with backlight. 2 x 20 letters. 4 x 4 tactile-feedback membrane keypad. Triton Process Automation Pvt. Ltd.Bi-directional flowmeasurement: mechanical flowmeter or magnetic flowmeter. STUF 300R BTU meter resulted with saving the customer major installation costs and quickly delivered most favorable results. Accurate flow and BTU measurement improves chiller plant control:

ultraSonic energy meter, flow meter De/DB SerieS

parts, and they measure bi-directional flow. The DE energy meter measures energy usage in BTU, MBTU, MMBTU, Tons, kJ, kW, MW and is perfect for retrofit of existing hot water or chilled water hydronic systems. Network communication models include Modbus RTU over RS485, Modbus TCP/IP, and Ethernet communication includesBTU , Mass & Energy FLOW Sub-Metering SolutionsBTU , Mass & Energy FLOW Sub-Metering Solutions Vortex Shedding Flow Meters DP Flow Meters In Line Can measure Bi-directional flow Requires little to no straight runs Can be used for BTU calculations. Magnetic Flow Meters Advancements:Meter Verification Magnetic flowmeters have no moving parts, and the

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