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Angle sensors and inclinometer HYDAC

HYDAC provides angle sensors and inclinometers for application with increased functional safety. Gate, Globe & Check Valve Rev.1GATE, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES ASSEMBLY AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURE REF. DOC.MMM.GGCH2920 Rev. 1 March 2009 6 SWING CHECK VALVE Swing Check valve is self-operation non-return valve. Disc opens in the direction of flow and returns back on body seat when flow stops and seals with seat ring against back-pressure. Disc is

HYDAC Angle sensors

The absolute encoders HAT 1000 and HAT 3000 are suitable for many applications in mobile machines and also for stationary applications, especially with regard to applications with increased safety requirements. The sensors measure the angle of rotation on the basis of a non-contact, robust, magnetic measuring method. HAT 1000. HAT 3000. HYDAC Electronic Level SwitchesThe electronic level switch, optionally with integrated temperature measurement and/or analogue output, is used for fill level measurement in media tanks. The outputs are switched in accordance with the switching parameters set for the fill level or the temperature. Type series. ENS 3000, for mineral-base hydraulic oils, synthetic oils and HYDAC HAT 1000HAT 1000. HAT 1000. HAT 1000 is an absolute measuring singleturn encoder. Due to the non-contact, magnetic measuring method and its robust design, the HAT 1000 is particularly suitable for angle of rotation measurement on mobile machines. Due to the two-chamber design, the electronics are completely encapsulated, so that IP 6K9K is guaranteed

HYDAC Sensors

Recognise reserves securely. Use reserves securely. Recognise reserves securely. Use reserves securely. HYDAC SensorsRecognise reserves securely. Use reserves securely. Recognise reserves securely. Use reserves securely. Hydac Livingston & HavenHydac offers a full line of ball valves, both low and high pressure, which can also be automated by use of pneumatic or electrical actuators. Various accessory valves are also available, such as flow controls, hose break, shuttle valves, and angle seat valves.

Hydraulic Valves Control Valve HYDAC

Hydraulic Valves. At HYDAC, we design and develop our valves with practical applications in mind. Every valve (control valve, check valve, shuttle valve and others) have been manufactured to satisfy demands for:Our versatile product range of cartridge valves ensures the best configuration of control blocks. Manifold Mounted Ball Valves - KHP / KHP3K HYDACManifold Mounted Ball Valves - KHP / KHP3K. From A$ 141.60. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Details. In this section, you can find HYDAC manifold mounted ball valves, series KHP and KHP3K. Datasheet. Manifold Mounted Ball Valves KHP / KHP3K. Pilot Check Valves HYDACAug 06, 2010 · Furthermore, HYDAC pilot-to-open check valves are spring-loaded poppet valves. It allows the flow in one direction and blocks it in the opposite direction. By applying a sufficient pressure at third port the valves opens even in the opposite direction. Add to Cart. Pilot-to-Open, Poppet Type, Cartridge - ERVE 08021 / 16021 / 20021. From A$ 184.70.

Check Valves HYDAC

HYDAC proudly manufactures and supplies check valves for hydraulic systems to meet the needs of clients across a vast range of industries. The Anatomy of the Check Valve A check valve basically consists of a housing (casing) with an integrated valve seat, a tempered and ground closing element (cone) and a pressure spring.

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