13 56mhz usb rfid reader and writer support rfid card

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13 56mhz usb rfid reader and writer support rfid card

13.56MHz IOT RFID Reader USB Interface For Member Card

13.56MHz HF Proximity IOT RFID Reader USB Interfa For Member Card Registration RL173 proximity HF RFID reader supports RFID chips in ISO15693 and ISO18000-3M1 protocols. It is designed for RFID tags and cards reading and writing. High Frequency RFID Readers 13.56 MHz Passive RFID High Frequency 13.56 MHz Passive Readers provide a serial of optional communication interfaces such as Bluetooth, USB, NFC , RS232/485, Wiegand 26/34 ,TCP/IP network , Wi-Fi ,GPRS , Ethernet connectivity ,WLan. These high frequency RFID readers are designed to support various typed of high frequency cards and MIFARE tags.

Intelligent, Waterproof and Secure 13.56mhz Rfid Reader

Supply Long Range Active RFID Reader 13.56 RFID Module for IC Card Serial Port Reader Module comes with single-chip control, users no longer need to edit the agreement, just your device through the serial port to connect the module The same time as the above- Module full serial control, with any system seamless docking as long as your system has a serial port (51 series, embedded ARM, Linux, RFID 125KHz/13.56MHz Reader USB - security-warehouseID or IC Desktop USB Reader is the RFID reader with customizable options for a variety of applications, this reader to read and write circuits and algorithms have been carefully optimized for low power consumption, sensor sensitivity, stability reader, speed reader fast and so, with this reader app program. A lot of cards can be supported by this series of readers including but not limiting to EM4305, T5577, RFID Copier Writer Readers Duplicator 125KHz 13.56MHz English 10 Frequency NFC RFID Card Copier Reader Writer Duplicator for IC ID Cards and All 125kHz Cards,10pcs ID 125khz Cards + 10pcs ID 125kh Keyfobs + 10pcs 13.56mhz IC Key + 1 USB (08CD) LEXI Handheld 125KHz RFID Reader Writer Duplicator Copier, Upgrade ID Card Cloner Programmer, with 10pcs Rewritable Cards EM4305/T5577 UID

USB RFID Reader/Writer DL533N Lab401

Lab401's DL533N is a 13.56MHz LibNFC Compatible RFID Reader/Writer multi-tool in a USB-Stick. Supports all 13.56MHz Lab401 cards. Read, write, crack, dump, modify, emulate with this powerful tool.13.56MHz RFID Reader SL500SL500 series are 13.56MHz RFID proximity reader and writer with USB or RS232 interface. SL500 support ISO14443A Mifare, ISO14443B and ISO15693 passive cards. The sheet shows SL500's category and price message.

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