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glass tube float ozone resistant flow meter

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Based upon Bernoulli's theorem, these meters consist of a uniformly tapered flow tube, a float, and a measurement scale. As a gas or liquid is introduced into the tube the float rises, its weight supported by the fluid flowing underneath, until the entire volume of fluid can flow past the float. Chemically resistant, borosilicate glass tube Glass Tube Rotameters, Manufacturer, Supplier, Mumbai, IndiaGlass Tube Rotameter is a Variable Area Flow Meter. A rotameter consists of a tapered tube, typically made of glass, with a 'float' made of SS or PTFE. The differentila pressure across the annulus area is constant. The float moves through the tapered tube up and down with respect to fluid flow. The vertical position of the float as indicated by

Ozone Resistant Materials - Absolute Ozone

Teflon. Glass. Gaskets, fittings & sealing material:Stainless steel (316 series) Kalrez ®. Kynar ®. Teflon. Not all of the materials mentioned above can resist high concentrations (20%) ozone, PVC Piping. RAGL Yokogawa AmericaThe Variable Area Flowmeter is one of the oldest and mature principles in flow measurement with its simple design:a float rises inside a conically shaped glass tube as the flow increases and its position on a scale can be read off as the flow rate.In the 1990s, Yokogawa strengthened its focus on flowmeters through cooperation with and the eventual acquisition of the German flowmeter Rotameters - Dakota Instruments - Flow Controls The 6B0302-H2O is a high volume series of flow meters offering excellent accuracy and repeatability. Combined with a durable injection molded Polysulfone meter body and connections, this flow meter offers brass adapters and cost effective 316 SS internal parts. This flow meter is

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The float travel is limited by float stops (4) and the meter tube is surrounded by a pro-tective housing (6). The flowrate scale for glass tube flowmeters is located directly on the meter tube. Vari-able Area flowmeters generally have a flow range of 1:12.5, which corresponds to a VAMeterThe company offers both low-flow and high-flow glass tube meters. The company quotes 2 percent, 3 percent, and 10 percent accuracy for its high-flow glass tube meters, depending on the model. It quotes accuracies of 5 percent and 10 percent on the low-flow glass tube meters. Brooks has a line of armored metal tube VA meters called the MT Series. Variable Area Basic Fundamentals Flowmeter and The flowrate scale for flowmeters with glass meter tubes is preferably applied directly on the meter tube. Variable Area Flowmeters generally have a 1:12.5 measurement range which corresponds to 8 to 100 %. If the mechanical, thermal or chemical resistance properties of the glass meter tube are not adequate

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Flow Meters. PVC UV Sterilizers. Actuator Valves. Flow Switches. Reverse Osmosis. Aeration Tube Diffusers. High Flow High Pressure Cartridges. RO & UF Membranes. Air Pumps. High Flow High Pressure Filters. Rubber Pipe Grommets. Ozone Components. Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges. Chemical dosing pumps. glass tube rotameter, glass tube rotameter Suppliers and LZB high quality durable acid liquid glass tube flow meter rotameter The material of the corrosion resistant flow meters parts that contacts the medium are as follows:the glass tube is made of high boron silicon glass, float and leader are covered with PTFE, and the seal ring if F46 ring. reflex level gauge_two color level gauge_level glass gauge Hebei Xukang Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and operator of magnetic flip level gauge, glass plate level gauge, color quartz glass tube level gauge, float transmitter and float switch, as well as gas flow meter.

DK Series Glass Tube flow Meter

Product Model:DK Series. Summary. DK series glass tube rotameters are made by advanced technology,featured with light structure,nice figure,easy installation and maintenance.The taper tube and float can be replace conveniently,the scale can be read clearly and adjust sensitively.The flow meter can be widely used for measuring micro flowrate in all industries.

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