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2inch liquid flow meter displacement diesel flow meters

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template Pro K24 Turbine Digital Diesel Fuel Flow Meter for Chemicals. Water random color Features:anti-alkali. Anti-corrosion, can also be used to measure more the water(Note:Product intolerance strong acid Medium:diesel fuel oil urea chemical liquid water. Single count:0.00-9999.9 total cumulative number of 0.00-99999.9 flow range 5-120 l/ min Accuracy:1% the inlet and outlet diameter:1 inch Flow meter Suppliers in UAE Bethel General Trading FZEFlow meters:It is defined as equipment or instrument for measuring, recording, or monitoring the pressure, flow rate, or release fluid as a gaseous fuel. Flowmeter is also known as a flow indicator, flow rate, flow gauge, liquid meter, sensor, and so on according to the industry-specific. While selecting flow meters, buyers should consider

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We have excellent & efficient executives who will guide you with the best technical ideas & giving good core reference about the products. we are supplying Digital and Mechanical Water meters, Diesel flow meter, Oil flow meters, Fuel transfer pumps, Oil transfer pumps, Self-priming diesel engine pumps, Water pumps, Camlock fittings, Industrial hoses, Oil suction and discharge hoses, Oil and LIQUID FLOW METERS - Transducer TechnologyUltrasonic Bulk Water Meters Transducer Technology, established in 1983, are importers and distributors of a comprehensive range of electronic measuring and sensing instruments. Sales Email:[email protected] Oval Gear Flow Meters Macnaught USAMX19 ¾ Flow Meter 0.8-21 GPM Technical Specifications; MX25 1 Flow Meter 1.6-32 GPM Technical Specifications; MX40 1½ Flow Meter 2.6-66 GPM Technical Specifications; MX50 2 Flow Meter 4-130 GPM Technical Specifications; MX75 3 Flow Meter 5-194 GPM Technical Specifications; MX100 4 Flow Meter 31.7-317 GPM Technical Specifications

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Gear Flow Meters . Gear flow meters use two round gears that are mounted in overlapping compartments. The measured fluid is trapped in the voids of the gear teeth and transported from the inlet port to the outlet port as the fluid flow causes the gears to rotate. Oval-gear meters have two rotating, oval-shaped gears with synchronized, close fitting teeth. A fixed quantity of liquid passes through the meter Positive Displacement Flow Meter liquid mass flow meters » Test, Measurement & Inspection » Test Meters & Detectors » Liquid & Mass Flow Meters » Positive Displacement Flow Meter liquid mass flow meters Image Positive Displacement Flow Meters SolifloThe Model 2200 Cyclone Meter is a 2, single case, PD flow meter designed for the high speed measurement of petroleum products.

Positive displacement flow meter for fuels and oils

Max size is 10 inch positive displacement flow meter, cannot be larger size Positive displacement can be only used for clean liquid without any solids. Can have noise and vibration when taking measurement Technical specifications of positive displacement flow meter for oils and fuels Flow meter sensor size:2mm, 4mm,1/6 inch, 1/8,1/2 inch 2 Inch and 3 Inch Positive Displacement Flow Meter Diesel 2 inch and 3 inch Positive Displacement Flow Meter diesel flow meters 1. Features&data:Diameter:50mm/2" Flow Range:38-380L/Min Volume/Rev.:0.681L Max.Pressure:10Bar Accuracy:±0.2% Repeatability:0.05% Viscosity:30SSU-1,500,000SSU Measurement:Liter or Gallon Meter Body:Aluminum Strainer Mesh:60Mesh End Connection:Flange, NPT or BSPT etc.

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