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10l pulse single jet water flow meter

25mm Arad Multi-Jet Cold Water Meter with 1 pulse per 1

Add To Cart. Register for Arad WST 100mm flanged cold water meter with 1 pulse per 100 litres. $164.00 (inc Tax) $149.09 (ex Tax) Add To Cart. 50mm Arad WMR Turbine Meter for Dirty Water and Bores with Pulse Output 1 Pulse per 10 litres. $998.80 (inc Tax) $908.00 (ex Tax) Add To Cart. Arad Group - Water Meters & Water Measuring SolutionsArad Group is a world leader in the field of water metering. The company designs, develops, manufactures, sells and supports its cutting edge water meters to residential, bulk, irrigation and water management companies around the world. Millions of Arads water meters are installed worldwide and the company manufactures over 500,000 units a

B-Meter Water & Heat Meters Alma Valves

Add IWM-PL3 module preset at 1 Pulse per 10 litres (Adjustable) Add cost of IWM-PL3 for Pulse Output. Mbus modules also available. GMDM-I Cold Water Meter IWM-PL3 Pulse Module. GMDM-I HOT WATER METER C/W UNIONS. Multijet Super Dry Dial. Max temp 90 deg C. 360 deg rotating dial up to DN32. ISO4064 R80 dry dial brass pulse Single jet water meter Single jet meters make use of only one port to create a jet of water, making the turbine rotate, whereas Multijet meters use multiple ports surrounding an internal chamber to create a jet of water against the turbine. Both, single jet and multijet meters are widely used in the world. Accuracy and flow range requirements are same for SHmeters - Buy Best Water Meter Manufacturer Supplier As the Chinas professional manufacturer and distributor since 2013, we have developed a comprehensive water meter range and a complete solution for the Commercial ,agriculture, Industrial and Domestic market on Mechanical type water meter and smart water meters. Our SHmeters use one-stop procurement of water metering services. SHmeters water metering products include:Multi Jet water meter

Single-Jet Water flow meter Hot/Cold 15mm to 40mm Dial

Jun 30, 2021 · The Competitive Range of Water Meters. This is the perfect range for you if you are wanting to measure water usage from water taps to homes and businesses. The meters all come standard with a pulse cable (meter reading**) and fittings for easy installation. No additional charge. TOMi Hot/Cold water flow meter WRAS. Pulse Cable Multi-Jet Flow Water Meter. From £ 38.00. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 21 customer ratings. ( 21 customer reviews) TOMi Multi-Jet Water Flow Meter. This range of water meters are typically used for meter reading and come with a standard pulse cable, at no additional cost. For apartments, housing, commercial properties, office or retail, this Water Meters - FLOWTECH Water Meter Latest Price Aquamet Woltman Water Meters - 2 Inch, Wm 7,800. Get Quote. 1/2 Inch Size Domestic Single Jet Water Meter, Warranty:1 Year 665. Get Quote. Honeywell Elster Honeywell Residential Water Meter V110 (25mm) - AMR Ready, Size:25 mm, for Domestic. 5,700 Get Latest Price. Size:25 mm. Brand:Honeywell Elster. Model:V110.

Water Meters Single Jet Multi Jet Pulsed

Large range of water meters, flow meters, and gauges; Meter chambers and boxes also stocked; Useful Info:Pipestock supply an extensive range of single-jet, multi-jet, and concentric water meters for both cold and hot water. Our range of meters also incorporates flow meters for industrial water Water MetersGSD8 Single-Jet 20mm or 3/4" HOT Water Meter (No Pulse) $160.00 (inc Tax) $145.45 (ex Tax) Add To Cart. 50mm Arad WMR Turbine Meter for Clean or Dirty Water and Bores NO Pulse Output. $897.60 (inc Tax) $816.00 (ex Tax) Add To Cart. 25mm B-Meters Cold Water Multi-Jet Meter with 1 Pulse per 1 Litre Ouptut. $360.80 (inc Tax) $328.00 (ex Tax) Water meters - products catalogue BMetersMay 06, 2021 · RFM-LR1. LoRaWAN Radio module for pre-equipped single jet water meters. GO TO THE DATA SHEET. IWM-LR3. LoRaWAN Radio module for pre-equipped multi jet water meters. GO TO THE DATA SHEET. IWM-LR4. LoRaWAN Radio module for pre-equipped Woltmann water meters. GO TO THE DATA SHEET.


different pulse values and can be retrofitted with pulser. Performance characteristics Multi-jet dry dial meter Model N pulse capable Hermetically sealed(10l/pulse) Model M Copper Can IP68 smart meter (AMR Options) For horizontal and vertical installation Register rotatable 355°

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