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The nitrogen is delivered to customers by cryogenic tankers, into large, onsite storage vessels or into small, cryogenic containers such as liquid nitrogen dewars. Contact u s to discuss your needs. Liquid nitrogen is used as a cryogen for many applications where very low temperatures or rapid temperature reduction is required. CRYOGEN - Liquid Nitrogen Generator utilising Cryo The CRYOGEN is a range of stand-alone Liquid Nitrogen Generators. Utilising a reliable Cryo-refrigerator design of cold head technology and helium compressor, the nitrogen gas is then produced using the PSA technology which is cooled to 77K (-196°C) to produce liquid nitrogen. The Generators are controlled using the latest in HMI touch screen technology to display the process in realtime, showing

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Cryogens are often used for preservation of biological tissue samples, blood samples, and related lab applications. Medical offices will use liquid nitrogen in dermatological treatments and procedures. Cryogens can be supplied in small or large dewars suitable to the rate of usage by the application. Cryogenic Liquid ContainersCryogenic Liquid Containers Table 1 Expansion Ratios at 70ºF of Common Cryogenic Fluids (Liquid to Gas*) Cryogenic Liquid Expansion Ratio Argon 1 to 841 Helium 1 to 754 Hydrogen 1 to 848 Nitrogen 1 to 696 Oxygen 1 to 861 *For Example, 1 cubic foot of liquid argon will create 841 cubic feet of gaseous argon at 70ºF Cryogenic liquid containers, also referred Cryogenic Storage Chart IndustriesCryogenic Tank Solutions. Chart designed & built cryogenic products & engineered systems are fundamental to the distribution & storage of liquid gases including LN2, O2, CO2, Ar, He, H2 & more.

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Sep 20, 2016 · Cryogen Protective Products, (New addition. "Spill guard barriers" Pre-installed). What we offer. Cryogen (LN2) safety training seminars Our Goal:enhance workplace safety These training courses offer certification in the safe handling, delivery, and equipment design methods for cryogens, mainly liquid nitrogen (LN2). A thorough understanding of the risks and hazards associated with LN2 Fact Sheet:Intro to Cryogen Dewars PennEHRSCryogenic liquids such as liquid nitrogen and argon are dispen sed from pressurized dewars that vary in capacity between 60 and 265 liters. These large, pressurized dewars can be used for dispensing liquid cryogens, but can also be used when high volumes of gas are required for lab processes. LOCATOR & LOCATOR Plus - American Instrumentcryogenic storage vessel which may result in premature vacuum loss, it is important that the following procedure be used when adding liquid nitrogen to a warm vessel:1. Add only a small amount of liquid nitrogen (5-10 liters) to a new or warm vessel. 2. Allow this small amount of liquid nitrogen to sit in the covered vessel for a minimum of 2 hours.

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Cryogen is one of four vendors (the only one focused solely on liquid nitrogen) that has been licensed under the Canadian Food and Drug Act with both a DEL (Drug Establishment License), and a DIN (Drug Identification Number) to deliver medical grade liquid nitrogen, which means you can rest assured that the LN2 you get from Cryogen is of the highest quality, and has been officially classed as safe for human Subcooling for Long Duration In-Space Cryogenic heating of the subcooled cryogen there will be minimal need to vent the cryogen, thus extending its in-space `hold-time'. This technique can substantially extend the orbital and transit storage of the cryogenic propellants.' In recent years a novel technology has been proposed that uses the thermodynamic capabilities of the stored TripleSpec Cryogenics (v1.1 05 November 2008)upward nitrogen will pool in the horns of the crescent. In this configuration the instrument can accept 90 liters of LN2. When the fill tubes are pointing parallel to the ground the tank will accept approximately 60 liters of LN2. The consequence of this Figure 1 -The two cryogenic tanks for TripleSpec. The large cryogen tank is crescent shaped.


Cryogenic liquids are liquefied gases that are kept in their liquid state at very low temperatures (i.e. boiling points below -150°C). For example, liquid nitrogen is inert, colourless, odourless, non-corrosive, and non-flammable liquid with a boiling point at -195.8°C at atmospheric pressure. It has a similar appearance to water.

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