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  • ElectromagneticMass - CoriolisMass - ThermalOrificeTurbineUltrasonicVortexWedgeV-ConeTurbine flow meters are made with bladed turbine rotors mounted axially in the meter. When fluid flows through the meter the rotor spins at a speed proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The spin is detected with a magnetic pick up with typically a pulse output. 1. Suitable for:clean viscous liquids and gases, turbulent flow 2. Not suitable for:corrosive fluids and liquids with solids 3. Accuracy: ± 0.25 % of rate 4. Rangeabliity:typical 20:1 5. Pressure drop:higher, back pressure required to avoid cavitation, bubbles Liquid Turbine Flow MeterLWGY series turbine flow meters have the features:high accuracy, good repeatability, Basic Type Explosion Proof Type 4.2 Intelligent Integrated Turbine Flow Meter (Refer to photo on page 1) valves and reducers can affect accuracy. See diagram 1 for typical flow meter system installation. Flange Type - Turbine Flow Meter - Buy Flange Type Flange Type - Turbine Flow Meter The FTF70 turbine flowmeter is widely used for low flow, low viscosity liquid measurements. The sensor signal is converted to an intelligent signal output by a microcomputer processor design.

    Gas Turbine Flow Meter

    May 25, 2017 · LWQ series turbine flow meters have the features:high accuracy, good repeatability, convenient installation/maintenance, simple structure etc.. Gas flows through the turbine housing causing an internal rotor to spin. As the rotor spins, an electrical signal is generated in the pickup coil. Honeywell Elster - Mechanical Flow Metering - Product Mechanical Flow Metering ELSTER offers a wide range of different measurement devices for measurement of gas volume and gas flow. That comprises volumetric meters like diaphragm meters and rotary meters as well as flow meters like turbine meters and ultrasonic meters. Turbine Flow Meter on sales - Quality Turbine Flow Meter Turbine Flow Meter, You can Buy good quality Turbine Flow Meter , we are Turbine Flow Meter distributor & Turbine Flow Meter manufacturer from China market. High Accuracy Turbine Intelligent Flow Meter Low Power Consumption. Contact Now. Contact Now. SMTF Flange Turbine Type Flow Meter Remote Separate Type RS485 , HART Communication

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    1/2" to 12" TI High Accuracy Turbine Flow Meters (HA) Specifically engineered to meet the strict standards required for custody transfer, the High Accuracy Meter delivers +/- 0.5% or better accuracy and +/- 0.1% repeatability for low viscosity applications. Starting at $946.00 Turbine Insertion Flow Meter-Large diameter pipeline liquidInsertion Turbine Flow Meter also called insertion type turbine flow meter. Insertion Turbine Flow Meter is designed for accurate, cost-effective flow measurement of large pipes. Insertion Turbine Flow Meter utilizes electronic turbine rotation sensing system and unique low-quality turbine design. It provides process flow measurement for steam, gas and high temperature liquid Reliable solution. Turbine MeterCompared with other types of owmeters,TURBINE FLOWMETER is much smaller and lighter and can measure accurately in a very wide flow range.The high precision integrating accuracy of ±0.2% can be always maintained for business transaction purpose and ±0.5% for general purpose with excellent accuracy repeatability. Flow Direction Fluid Temperature

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    Gas Dedicated PipelineTurbine Flow Meter Air Liquefied Nitrogen Meter Product Description The intelligent liquid turbine flowmeter is a new type of intelligent instrument that uses advanced ultra-low power single-chip microcomputer technology to develop a turbine flow Professional High Precision Gas Turbine Flow Meter 24 rows · High Precision Gas Turbine Flow Meter. Gas turbine flowmeter is a new generation of high

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