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Calibration of Water Flow Rate in an Ultrasonic Flow

Ultrasonic TOF Flow-Measurement Principle A typical ultrasonic TOF water-flow meter spool body is depicted below in Figure 1. Keywords:TDC, ultrasonic, metering, MAXREFDES70#, flow meter, heat meter, analog front end, analog front-end, AFE, time-of-flight APPLICATION NOTE 6104 CALIBRATION OF WATER FLOW RATE IN AN ULTRASONIC FLOW METER USING THE GMF200-D Pipe type Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter High Pipe type ultrasonic flowmeter is composed of a main body and a pipe segment type sensor. The DN15-DN32 uses a -type pipe segment sensor, and the DN40 and above uses a standard pipe segment sensor. The pipe-type ultrasonic flowmeter has the advantages of simple installation, low starting flow, high measurement accuracy, and no pressure loss.

Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter with M1 Sensor High

Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter with M1 Sensor High Precision Portable Digital Flowmeter for DN50-700MM Pipe Size Flow Measurement, Liquid Display with Built-in Data Logger for Industrial or Chemical::Industrial & Scientific Handheld ultrasonic flow meter Clamp on Sino-InstJun 14, 2019 · Handheld ultrasonic flow meter realizes the non-contact measurement of liquid flow. Also often referred to as Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquids. Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Model:2000H) has been successfully applied to measurement work in various industries. The measuring range is 20-6000mm (0.5-20 inches). Kofloc High-Precision Flowmeter (for Sensitive Oct 17, 2016 · This top-grade high-precision area flowmeter is a fruit of KOFLOCs challenge to boost the general perception currently conceived by people of flowmeter of being a mere yardstick into a new conception that a flowmeter is a precision instrument. This flowmeter particularly features its uniquely precision-formed glass tube

Magnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, ultrasonic flow

Ultrasonic level meter is widely used in chemical industry, water treatment, water conservancy, food industry, and other industries for level measurement; with safety, clean, high precision, long life, stable and reliable, easy installation and maintenance, reading simple characteristics. Precision Flow manufacturer of portable clamp on flow Nov 10, 2015 · Non intrusive ultrasonic flow meters are energy savers and are suitable for use with any sonically conductive liquid. As Precision Flow's clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters clamp to the outside of a pipe they are also non intrusive. Intrusive ultrasonic probes are available to special order if required. Precision Flowmeters - Turbine Meter Company - Order Precision flowmeters are used for the precise measurement of liquid flow rates, regardless of density, temperature or viscosity. The devices operate on the run-time difference method and have smart electronics with auto-calibration, which allows different media to be measured without recalibration.

Ultrasonic flowmeters KROHNE Group

Ultrasonic flowmeter for biogas, landfill and sewage gas applications 1- or 2-path meter for low pressure biogas (dry or wet) with a high CO 2 content Integrated gas volume correction and methane content measurement Lap joint flange:DN50200 / 28", max.

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