4 sides modern designed gas station with canopy fascia

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4 sides modern designed gas station with canopy fascia

Architectural Review Board Report

Jan 04, 2016 · Bergamot Filling Station, is being rebranded as a Chevron service station. The enhancements reflect this change which include installing a new fascia on all four sides an existing canopy structure, adding canopy signage, installing a new pylon sign, and adding new gas pump signage. The applicant is proposing these enhancements in order Canopy Panels - MetalWorks, LLC - Service Station Canopy Canopy Panels. MetalWorks P16 Panel is a 3 tall panel that can be run with a 16 or a 12 wide face. Typically, the finished color will be visible on the bottom side of the panel but these can be run with the finish on the inside/top of the panel. These panels are ideal for long spans required for modern canopies due to their structural quality.

Customized led fuel station canopy fascia panels

Said pre engineered metal canopy will be designed to meet all site structural wind, snow and seismic requirements. B. Canopy Fascia:** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select the fascia type required from following paragraphs and delete those not required. 1. Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM):Available with a fluorocarbon paint finish, masked on one side. Over Head Metal Canopies Commercial Canopies Gas 2175 Beechgrove Place Utica, NY 13501. Toll Free Tel:800-765-3110. Tel:315-793-3000. Austin Mohawk, Inc. was created in 2004 with the merging of Austin Fabricating, Inc., (buildings and shelters) and Mohawk Manufacturing, Inc. (canopies), two longtime sister companies. SECTION 13120 - Pre-Engineered Structure METAL 3. Fascia panels 4. Drainage System B. Shop Drawings:For the following overhead canopy system components. Include plans, elevations, sections and details. 1. For installed components indicated to comply with design loads, include structural analysis data signed and sealed by the qualified professional engineer responsible for their preparation. 2.


and canopies. Figure 3 shows the architectural concept of the gas station. Figure 3 Picture of the gas station made in the 3dsMax program Gas station is a single-storey frame type building. The rectangular service building for drivers and passengers has dimensions in the axes of 18.90 x 11.00 4. Text Amendments - City of Pompano Beach4. Lights mounted on the fascia or top of the canopy. 1. Overall design. i. The design elements of the building, canopy and service islands shall be architecturally compatible (color, materials, massing, detailing and overall architectural design). ii. The overall design of the facility shall be aesthetically compatible with surrounding The Development of Highways in Texas:A Historic Modern stylistic features characteristic of the postwar era. 2. If present, a flatroofed canopy with sharp rightangled corners rests on two metal poles and extends from the oblong box over the office and display area. 3. Fascia profile on canopy extends along theor exteri side wall

Village of Glenview STAFF REPORT Appearance

The new canopy will be 48.0 feet by 47.0 feet standing at a height of 18.0 feet with a 4.0 foot fascia painted a non-reflective off-white. Currently, this location is the last gas station within the Village of Glenview to not have a canopy. The columns of the canopy will be painted the same non-reflective off-Gas Station Construction Company CommTank, Inc.Gas Station Canopy Construction. CommTank construction services include all aspects of gas station canopy construction. We begin by working with you to determine the best layout to accommodate traffic and maximize your space. Modern filling station designs include several options for gas station canopy design.

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