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Brush Cutter vs String Trimmer:What's the Difference

May 19, 2021 · Gas, Electric, or Battery-Powered. String cutters run on gas, electricity, or battery; each type has its own best use. If your yard is full of small, awkward corners and areas your mower wont reach (or cant go due to rocks or other landscaping), a battery-powered string trimmer will The Best Brush Cutter of 2021 - Guide & Comparison - Jul 04, 2020 · A brush cutter is a powered gardeA brush cutter is a powered garden tool used to trim weeds, small shrubs, and other foliage that a lawnmower cannot reach. The tool works with various blades or trimmer heads to suit different applications. It has three main parts; a power unit, a pole, and a rotary cutting head.

Gas Brush Cutters - Husqvarna

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