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CA2551904C - Scavenge pump system and method - Google

Scavenge pumps are often required at remote locations, namely locations that are relatively far from the oil sump or tank. For instance, in the case of a gas turbine engine, a scavenge oil circuit FEATURES OF A GAS TURBINE (GT) SHUTDOWN - The Sep 23, 2019 · Ergo, as the Power Turbine's speed declines, the Main Lube Oil Pump cannot generate sufficient discharge PV Pressure to continue circulating lube oil in the Lube Oil Loop. The GT Advanced Control System automatically starts the Auxiliary Lube Oil Pump when the Advanced Control System senses decreasing PV Pressure in the Lube Oil Loop.


GAS TURBINE ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM - AVCO CORP,US. Title:GAS TURBINE ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM. United States Patent 3722212. Abstract:The disclosure illustrates a gas turbine engine lubrication system comprising a pump that pressurizes oil and delivers it through a heat exchanger to the engine bearings located in a hot region of the engine. Gas Turbine Lubrication Systems Turbomachinery blogOct 17, 2019 · This gas turbine engine has an oil tank. The lubricant oil is supplied from the tank to the lube pump which pushes liquid throughout the filter into two different branches. The first branch lubricates the first journal bearing and additional equipment like fuel, and auxiliary gear pumps. Rotary and Turbine Gas Meter Oiler and Lubrication MethodsMar 27, 2017 · EZ Gas Turbine Meter. The EZ Gas Meter Oiler is a medium pressure hydraulic oil pump for turbine meters with Zerk or Alemite fittings. It can also accommodate rotary gas meters with test plugs installed. The EZ Oiler is a hand-operated oiler capable of servicing meters with pressures up to 500 PSI (a higher pressure option is available).

Startup of gas turbine with Emergency lube oil pump

Mar 10, 2007 · It is possible to use the Emer. L.O. Pump to start a heavy-duty gas turbine; many Black Start-capable units do so. However, the really important situation is that if the unit should trip or be shutdown without an Auxiliary L.O. Pump, there will be no Aux. L.O. pump pressure/flow to cool the bearings when the unit reaches zero speed--or for the Cooldown (Ratchet) operation. Turbine Oils - Lubrication EngineersEndure Turbine Oil (6481-6482) is formulated specifically for use in gas combustion turbines, featuring a unique blend of highly refined base oils and proprietary additive technology, including Monolec. Its advanced formula provides superior oxidative and thermal stability while preventing varnish and sludge formation on critical surfaces. US7506724B2 - Active gas turbine lubrication system flow A lubrication system is provided for an aircraft turbine machine, the lubrication system being controlled by a closed-loop logic arrangement, wherein the oil pressure of a lubricant circulated

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Hydraulic Actuation, Bearing Lubrication and Scavenge for Industrial 32 MW Gas-Turbine Engine Leading Gas Turbine Engine Manufacturer Benefit & Features. This multi-function pump was designed in close cooperation with our customer to minimize lube skid size and optimize engine operation. Five circuit functionality; Vertical in-tank mounting

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